Sep. 18, 2018

The Turbulence 3 Heavy Metal Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

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Terrorists hijack an airplane that is broadcasting a rock concert live on the Internet.

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original title: Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

genge: Action,Music,Thriller

imdb: 4.3

duration: 1h 38min

tags: Taking terror to new heights.

keywords: terrorist, hijack, airplanehijack, heavymetal, thirdpart, sequel, aviation, terrorism, independentfilm

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Terrorists hijack an airplane that is broadcasting a rock concert live on the Internet. The people that made this movie must have forgotten what point they were trying to make. We see a FBI agent that starts out arresting a hacker as he is breaking into some sort of video network. The FBI agent played by Gabrielle Anwar who has the looks of Bambi meets secretary from anonymous fashion show (may her acting career rest in peace after this) arrives at the scene completely alone and doesn't report anything to her HQ when she has done the arrest. Oh gee. Thats just how they do in real life?? NOT.

Not much later they cooperate trying to solve an unraveling murder case. Still in the hackers flat and still without informing anyone - until she talks to her superior by accident. And guess what - he has also started working on the same case. What a coincidence! The movie goes on and on with the same completely unbelievable and inconsistent plot. Everything is out of place and phony down to every little detail.

The executive producer should have paid more attention from the very start and terminated the production, since this is one of the movies that should never have been made. There is not much reason to point out everything that is bad about this movie. It is not worth too many words.

The plot is too far fetched: a rock singer and his band giving a concert on board of an airplane. The plane is hijacked by a double of the rock singer. The goal of the hijack is to crash the plane on a church to release Satan. Nothing about this story makes sense.

The movie lacks excitement. The photography is uninteresting. None of the actors seems to make anything out of his role. The story starts to be a bore within a few minutes.

To be short: this movie isn't worth a minute of your time.

Now some people think that this movie is brilliant. I have not found anything that could support this point of view. It's one hour and a half of clichés, bad acting, cheap effects, flaws and failure.

Sometimes it's fun to watch a bad movie, not in this case.


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