Sep. 19, 2018

Tamil Movie Mobile Fighter G Gundam Free Download

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It is the year Future Century 60 and most of humanity has migrated to orbiting space colonies, leaving behind the polluted Earth. To prevent war, the colonies came up with the tournament ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)





































It is the year Future Century 60 and most of humanity has migrated to orbiting space colonies, leaving behind the polluted Earth. To prevent war, the colonies came up with the tournament known as the Gundam Fight. Every country builds a Gundam and sends it to Earth. These Gundams fight each other, using the entire planet as the ring, for eleven months until the finals begin in the country that won the last Gundam Fight. Whichever country is ultimately victorious will control the entire world for four years. This year, Neo Japan has sent Domon Kasshu with the Shining Gundam in hopes of winning the 13th Gundam Fight. However, Domon, and his assistant, Rain Mikamura, have more to worry about than winning the Gundam Fight. They have a concurrent mission, to confront and destroy the stolen Devil Gundam... At first glance, G Gundam looks like a completely generic, skippable title, turning a military drama series into a Saturday morning super robot cartoon. The premise is ridiculous, emotion is a power source, and every nationality expresses the country's stereotypes. But upon closer inspection, G Gundam is not as bad as it looks. There's backstories, multidimensional characters, plot twists, and a vaguer evil than it may appear. Sure, Neo Mexico's Gundam may be Tequila Gundam, donning a sombrero, but its pilot actually doesn't want to fight, and is trying to flee the country with his sick sister! I'd say G Gundam's writing and character are better than most animes. Not the best, but enough to add weight to the fights.

Now, whenever or not you'll like G Gundam depends on your love of super robot animes. G Gundam has a good deal of fun along the way, but I know not everyone's going to love robot wrestling, super modes, cheesy Gundam designs, martial arts philosophy, and the power of love! There's also a large number of vignette episodes. None of them are boring or bad, but they do slow the anime down a bit.

Bonus points for a pretty kickass soundtrack. The first opening, "Shining Finger", and "Erupting Burning Finger" are among the most awesome in anime.

G Gundam doesn't deserve Shakespearean analysis. But its well-balanced; Rifftrax-worthy elements with enough plot to keep you hooked. Its not for everyone, but it'll always be a (not-so) guilty pleasure for me. Personally I find that G Gundam is the best of the Gundam Saga. My reasons are as follows:

The Message: All gundam shows were designed to portray the image that "war is heck" however they do so with a war. So much that it almost blocks out the mesage. G Gundam shows us a different way of keeping order: a tournament. It also shows us how war is bad throughthe idea of the Chaos war that took place before the show began in FC 02. (This is something only a true fan knows)

The plot: Okay, I must admit that the breakup of time is shaky, Ep 1=January Ep 6=June Ep 12=October Ep 18-24= November then the last episodes take place in December or so I figure it. Other than that it takes you through building friedshps, relationships, tough desicions, awesome mech battles, and a few shot of women's unmentionables or women bathing in episode 19 (Thank you for that moment of perversion, Sai Saici)

The Mech design: Alot more thought goes into these mechs, the researchers found out the history and present of each nation and put one important aspect into the Gundam. e.x. the reason the Nobel Gundam looks like a woman is bcause there are more females than males in swedens current populaton

The characters: Where else are you going to see an American boxer, a perverted Chinese midget teenage martial artist, A Russian convict, a French nobleman and a Japanese dude with major tude problems working together to save the world with giant robots? Included in the cast are several Japanese officials (Or rather Neo-Japanese as the story goes). A Neo-Japanese doctor, a crazy Neo Hong Kong martial artist with a bad cough, 4 annoying Neo-American women, A really creepy Neo-Italian MAFIA boss, a Neo-Swedish orphan and more!


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